Music Production & Sound Engineering

Sometimes pre-existing music just doesn’t seem to cut it, especially when you have a very specific vision in mind. What sounds do you want present? Any specific instruments or effects? Would you like to include sounds of nature like birds chirping, ocean waves, or a waterfall? Maybe you find ambient city noise soothing, and wish to incorporate it into a custom made track. That is something we have on offer.

New Age & Meditation Track

Sometimes what's offered in stores is not quite what an individual may be looking for. Have Thomas Datt custom engineer your track, to exact specifications and sounds. 

1-15 min - $333 USD

30 min - $444 USD

60 min - $555 USD

Ambient, Chillouit & Downtempo

Perhaps you are looking for something with a little bit of a groove, percussion, or even some kind of soft beat.
Still within the realms of relaxing music, Thomas can create what you need.

$450 USD

Electronic, Dance & Trance

Would you like to be the next electronic music star? Being able to tour the world as a DJ? Without releasing music, it's nearly impossible to achieve those goals. Thomas can create your track for you and jump start your career. 

$2000 USD

Musical Tone For Video Reveal

What does your logo sound like?
What kind of energy, feeling, or frequency does your video sing?
Thomas will help you add the perfect finishing touch to complete your logo reveal. 

$200 USD


Podcasts are very popular these days.
To stand out from the rest of the crowd, be sure to get yourself a custom made musical
intro and outro.

$300 USD

Not everyone has the ability, or the means to edit a piece of music or voice recording. Whether it’s fade ins and outs, or a mixdown with a voiceover, all your sound engineering means will be met with Thomas Datt at the helm. With 17 years of professional experience in the music production and sound engineering field, Thomas will give you the best possible product that you may not be able to achieve by yourself.


Fading in and out, editing, re-editing, mixing, EQ, noise reduction, removal of ummms and aaaahs, reverb reduction, cutting of existing track in sections (as required), creating additional file duration to suit your needs.

$100 USD


If you have a piece of music you wish to use along with another track, such as a vocal recording, we'll put them together with a professional result. 
This includes all "Track Editing" services.

$100 USD

Vocal Booth Recording

Being a local resident to Sydney has its perks. 
If you're in need of a crystal clear and professional grade studio recording of your voice, with mixing and editing, then we got you covered.

$80 USD 
Per Hour

Audio To Video Conversion

Turn your audio meditations into a playable video version, for website integration via platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. 
Please provide image or video. 

$50 USD