Music Production & Sound Engineering

Sometimes pre-existing music just doesn’t seem to cut it, especially when you have a very specific vision in mind. What sounds do you want present? Any specific instruments or effects? Would you like to include sounds of nature like birds chirping, ocean waves, or a waterfall? Maybe you find ambient city noise soothing, and wish to incorporate it into a custom made track. That is something we have on offer.

New Age & Meditation Track

Sometimes what's offered in stores is not quite what an individual may be looking for. Have Thomas Datt custom engineer your track, to exact specifications and sounds. 

1-15 min - $333 USD

30 min - $444 USD

60 min - $555 USD

Ambient, Chillouit & Downtempo

Perhaps you are looking for something with a little bit of a groove, percussion, or even some kind of soft beat.
Still within the realms of relaxing music, Thomas can create what you need.

$450 USD

Electronic, Dance & Trance

Would you like to be the next electronic music star? Being able to tour the world as a DJ? Without releasing music, it's nearly impossible to achieve those goals. Thomas can create your track for you and jump start your career. 

$2000 USD